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Construction of the SDF Flagship has begun!
Sep 18, 10 12:19 PM
New Allied Fleet
Aug 30, 10 11:24 AM
Promotion Ceremony
Aug 16, 10 6:27 PM
August Roll Call is complete
Aug 16, 10 6:25 PM
August Roll Call is Now OPEN!
Jul 29, 10 10:20 AM
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Welcome to the home of the Sierra Defense Fleet
((Roleplaying Fleet))

The Sierra Defense Fleet was founded when Starfleet completed the construction of the asteroid detection outposts along the Romulan Neutral zone in 2266. The SDF was intended as the first response fleet should the Romulans ever cross the neutral zone and war be declared. Over the years the SDF has taken part in many noteworthy actions in the region, including forming the armada led by Jean Luc Picard to stop Romulan intervention during the Klingon civil war in 2368 and forming Battle Group Omega which was deployed to support the Enterprise E in 2379 when Praetor Shinzon’s plot was uncovered.

In the late 24th century the dynamic of the Sierra sector began to change a great deal as the Romulan Empire recovered from the actions of Reman Praetor Shinzon. As a result, the Sierra Defense Fleet was engaged less as a battle formation and more as a diplomatic and humanitarian armada. During this time the fleet maintained its title and tradition purely through the efforts of its members who lobbied command to keep the formation intact. Even though Starfleet temporarily granted this request, in 2385 the Sierra Defense Fleet was officially listed as decommissioned. Several Admirals working quietly behind the scenes and outside of traditional Starfleet regulations endeavored to keep the fleet intact and operating under it's traditional moniker. Though not a rogue operation, the SDF was no longer directly under the control of Starfleet, and was granted certain latitudes in order to guarantee the security of the galaxy at large. Instead of being assigned ships by Starfleet command, the SDF now recruited their members from the best and brightest officers available, accepting only those who both understood the nature of the assignment and could handle operating outside of Starfleets direct influence.

When the Hobus star went supernova in 2387 the region was once again thrown into turmoil. With the Romulan government in disarray their military commanders began acting on their own authority and the security of the region was once again jeopardized. As a result, Starfleet command sought a means to bring stability to the sector once more. It was at this time they became aware  the SDF was still in operation, without sanction. Unable to either deploy an entirely new fleet to the area or exert control over the SDF in any official manner, Starfleet contacted the Fleet Command to broker an agreement. The SDF would once again enjoy the support of Starfleet, provided they were willing to accept mission assignments from Starfleet Command. This agreement was accepted on the terms that the SDF would not be subject to direct oversight from Starfleet Command, nor the council.

The Sierra Defense Fleet continues to operate with this mandate while working with Starfleet command and other military and civilian organizations in an attempt to bring stability to the area once again. Although primarily a military formation, the Sierra Defense Fleet has adopted the traditional Starfleet goal of exploration and scientific discovery while not engaged in security activities throughout the galaxy.


Construction of the SDF Flagship has begun!

Kye'raeliyith, Sep 18, 10 12:19 PM.
The construction of the new Sierra Defense Fleet Flag ship begins today.  A brand new highly advanced Nomad Class Star Cruiser will be the SDF crown Jewel.  Starfleet is sparing no expense.  The best of the best technology and staff are already heading in the direction of Earth Space Dock 1.

Any SDF member interested in being a part of this historic event, can see the DataBase Forums for more information. 

New Allied Fleet

Kye'raeliyith, Aug 30, 10 11:24 AM.
I'm pleased to anouce the SDF has forged an alliance with the Exploration and Defence Fleet.  They are a small up and coming fleet focusing more on Starfleet's original mandate.  Seek out new Life & new Civilizations.. We have pledges to assist the EDF should they need the Tactical support of the SDF, in return the EDF will share the information and resources they gather in their travels.

Please give our new allies the same respect and support as all allies of the Sierra Defense Fleet deserve.

Promotion Ceremony

SusuSTO, Aug 16, 10 6:27 PM.
Attention to all members.

Friday August 20th, 8pm EST will be a promotion event.

Everyone is encouraged to do their utmost to attend.


Sierra Defense Fleet Command

Admiral Kye'raelith

Captain Susu Slater

August Roll Call is complete

SusuSTO, Aug 16, 10 6:25 PM.
August Roll Call, is complete.

August Roll Call is Now OPEN!

Kye'raeliyith, Jul 29, 10 10:20 AM.
Greetings SDF!

I know this has been a turbulent summer for us all.  There have been some older officers moving, some internal promotions and more then a few new cadets.  In trying to keep an idea of the growth or losses of the fleet, the Roll Call thread is now open.

Roll Call will conclude on August 11th.  That will give all members plenty of time to reply. 

To be eligable for a fleet promotion, you must post on the monthly Roll Call.  All members that miss 3 months of Roll Call will be demoted in rank one level each month beyond the first three.  Down to the rank of Ensign.  All cadets missing 3 months of Roll Call will be dismissed form the fleet.

~Fleet Admiral Kye'raeliyith
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Alpha Centauri Institute!!!
Ever since a few patches ago the game has been spotty with reliability
Shandra Jerro
Humph can't login to an PW games keep getting the message "Too many attempts; please try again later."
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